October 2019

Action devoted to the International Day of the White Cane passed in SAPEI «Nizhnekamsk Medical College».

Municipal conference «Cognitive disturbance and dementia at elderly patients» passed in SAHI «Hospital for Wars Veterans» of Kazan.

Professor of neurology and manipulation subfaculty of KSMA Rady Germanovich Yesin read lecture within the limits of cycle of continuous medical education for neurologists and therapists of the Nizhnekamsk Central Regional Multi-Profile Hospital. Lecture was devoted Parkinson illness.

New modular feldsher-obstetric point opened in village Vozhi of Spassky district. It is the tenth modular FOP for district, constructed within the limits of program «Perfection of the primary medical-sanitary help to  population».

October 2019

Conference on theme « Organization of work on carrying out of Health School» – for patients with various diseases passed on the basis of SAHI «Rybno-Slobodsky CRH».

Experts of National Institute of Quality took out the verdict after the two-day intensive audit: Emergency Hospital successfully passed accreditation.

Juvenile Russian vocalist, winner of the third season of popular musical teleshow «Voice. Children» and winner of numerous youthful musical competitions Danil Pluzhnikov visited Children's Republican Clinical Hospital.

National fund of assistance to people with limited possibilities «Participation» with support of Presidential Grants Fund since 2016 realises the All-Russia project on development of physical training for people with physical inability – «GTO without borders – inclusive sports movement». Its actions passed in 7 regions of Russia and participation in which has accepted more than 1500 persons.

Many worry about superfluous kgs, discuss various diets, dream to grow thin. Are this problem overblown in modern society?

October 2019

Donor’s Action «#I'mResponsibleDonor (#ЯОтветственныйДонор)» passed in Republican Blood Centre, It was organised together with «Volunteers Physicians» and was referred on diffusion of responsibility  idea and a donorship regularity, on rising of level of literacy among donors.

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