November 2018

District forum of medical volunteers of Povolzhsky Federal District has started in Kazan. Its participants will be 200 volunteers from all regions of the Volga Federal district.

Do you know that diabetics are limited in their choice of profession? They can’t work at height, in night, in hot shops or in the cold, and you can’t do all that is associated with extreme sports. Such restrictions are due to the fact that a diabetic should be able to get the necessary insulin injection. It is especially difficult for children with such a diagnosis, when they are faced with the question of choosing a profession.

Physicians of Kama Children's Medical Center invite their former patients to the meeting for the last six years. They were celebrated the holiday - the international day of premature babies. It is celebrated on November, 17 all over the world and it is called "the day of white petals", emphasizing the special fragility and vulnerability of such children.

The work of inter-municipal centers was discussed in the framework of the annual inter-district meeting on November 14, 2018. The main focus was aimed at reducing the death rate and improving the level of care for patients with acute cerebral circulation disorders, as well as those affected by road accidents.

Chief freelance pediatric surgeon of Health Ministry of Tatarstan Republic, Ph. D., deputy head physician of CRCH in surgical care Filatov V. S. and chief freelance pediatric urologist-andrologist of TR Health Ministry, Professor Akramov N. R. have visited Children's Municipal Hospital of Nizhnekamsk as part of the organizational and methodological support on November, 14 and 15. Specialists conducted an audit of surgical departments and the operating unit.

Republican educational conference "Kazan pediatric school" was held in CRCH today. The theme of the conference was the discussion of immunoprophylaxis and immunotherapy of viral and bacterial infections in children. The participants of the conference accepted and discussed innovative and effective methods of prevention under the guidance of scientific supervisors MD, Professor of hospital Pediatrics sub-faculty of KSMU Bulatov V. P and MD, head of the hospital Pediatrics sub-faculty of KSMU Sadykova D. I.

Campaign - Open Doors Day "Find out your blood sugar" took place in Apastovsky CRH in International Diabetes Day. Everyone had the opportunity to measure blood glucose. 32 people were examined. Two of them had elevated blood glucose levels.


November 2018

Smoking is one of the most harmful habits that entered the daily lives of millions of Russians. Restrictive measures on the availability and use of tobacco are introduced annually and various actions are regularly organized to help people get rid of tobacco dependence.

Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District Igor Komarov held a meeting in Kazan on the region's readiness to implement the most important areas of presidential Decree No. 204 "On national goals and strategic objectives for the development of the Russian Federation until 2024" on November 14, 2018.

Healthcare Department of Nizhnekamsky municipal district and Center for Medical Prevention held the campaign for MFC visitors on November, 16. Everyone could pass express blood test for sugar, measure pressure, height and weight. 90 people underwent a quick examination, 8 of them had high sugar, and the analysis showed more than 11 mmol/l in two of them.

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