Donor action passed in Kamsko-Ustyinsky district

11 July 2019, Thursday

Donor action passed in Kamsko-Ustyinsky district on July, 11th. Action was spent by means of exit brigade of Blood Center, mobile complex settled down since the morning at the central input of Kamsko-Ustyinsky CRH. Tens operations which do not do without blood components are spent daily in public health care institutions of republic.

The donorship – business noble also is necessary. Desire gratuitously to hand over blood not only for relatives, but also for perfect strangers is the feat saving human life!

Inhabitants of Kamsky-Ustyinsky district, which the destiny of the people needing the help is not indifferent, became donors this day.

In total 87 persons have responded nearby, but under medical indications 59 donors have been admitted, thanks them blood bank has replenished on 25 litres 500 ml of blood.

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