The season of water-melons is opened! What it is important to know about this berry

11 July 2019, Thursday

Water-melon is not only tasty, but also useful berry. Lot of liquid, polysaccharides and other useful substances such as – iron, potassium and organic acids contains in it. However cases of poisoning with a water-melon become frequent every year. It is bound to occurrence of poor-quality production in the market.

Early water-melons become more often the intoxication reason. Two forms of intoxication allocate: infectious and nitrate.

First signs of poisoning after the use in water-melon nutrition appear within 5 hours. At infectious poisoning appear – nausea, gastric spastic strictures, vomiting; stomach aches, diarrhea; headache; delicacy, and also giddiness. Symptoms little differ at poisoning nitrate water-melon – the malaise appears at person in some hours. Along with vomiting and diarrhea there are such signs, as a blood in fecal masses, disturbance of consciousness and warm activity.

To secure itself against intestinal infections, it is necessary to adhere to elementary sanitary-and-hygienic rules:

- it is not necessary to do purchase in the spontaneous markets;

- place, which has been taken away for sale melon cultures, should be insulated and reliably protected from sun and rain, the sale point should be under canopy;

- water-melons and melons should be stored in special pallets in height not less than 20 centimeters.

Never buy crop on road or from private cars. Such products do not pass obligatory check and are potentially hazardous to health.

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