January 2021

Today, Larisa Ivanovna Philippova, an endocrinologist of the department of the profile specialists #1 of Diagnostic and Consultative Polyclinic of the Nizhnekamsk Central District Multifunctional Hospital, celebrates her 80th anniversary.

For the ninth year in a row, Kazan State Medical University holds a large-scale career guidance event, The Festival of Medicine "Ak khalatly fereshteler - Angels in White Coats."

January 2021

The chief physician of the Central Regional Hospital of Tyulyachi Galiullin Irek Ilgizovich met with teachers from Tyulyachi secondary school. He introduced teachers to the COVID-19 coronavirus infection development specifics and talked about vaccination against the coronavirus at the meeting.

A meeting with the participation of the chief pediatric neurosurgeons of the federal districts of the Russian Federation was held in the Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital.

Everyone can be vaccinated, starting from the age of 18.

January 2021

This will seem incredible and surprising for the layman, but no specialist of any profile can do without a pathologist - therapists, oncologists, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, and other doctors. The fact is that in the pathology department of the Nizhnekamsk CRMH, not only autopsies of bodies are carried out, but also histological studies of various tissues, starting with moles and papillomas and ending with the stomach, uterus, and intestinal fragments.
Today marks the Pathologist Day. In the pathology department, NCRH employs two doctors, six laboratory technicians, and two orderlies. And on the eve of their professional holiday, we talked with the department head Anatoly Spiridonov, who founded and has been heading his department for 44 years.

Cardiorheumatologist of the highest qualification category, honored physician of Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation, head of the Diagnostic and Treatment Department of Nizhnekamsk Central District Multifunctional Hospital Raisa Fyodorovna Meryaseva shared the tips on the subject.

The 3rd treatment building of the Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital on the Safiullina street will appear in an updated format.

January 2021

Any resident of the republic can sign up for vaccination.

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