Boris Konstantinovich Druzhkov passed away

28 October 2020, Wednesday

On October 28, 2020, Boris Druzhkov, a prominent oncologist and founder of endoscopy, chemotherapy and modern mammology in the Republic of Tatarstan, passed away at the age of 85 after a serious and prolonged illness.

Druzhkov Boris Konstantinovich, was born on November 29, 1935 in the Kosteneyevo village in the Elabuga district of the TASSR, where his father at that time worked as the chief doctor and surgeon of the district hospital. His mother - Druzhkova (Ogneva) Yevgenia Vladimirovna worked there as a surgical nurse.

In 1952, he graduated from the secondary school and entered the Kazan State Medical Institute at the faculty of medicine. After graduating from the institute in 1958, he was sent to work as a chief physician and surgeon in the Usalinsk district hospital of the Mamadysh (Kzyl-Yulduz) district, where he worked until 1962.

From 1962 to 1964, he completed a clinical residency in surgery and oncology at the Kazan State Institute for advanced medical training. After completing his residency, he worked as the chief physician and surgeon of the Zelenodolsk interdistrict cancer clinic. In 1968, he completed his PhD thesis on "Transillumination study of intramural blood flow of the stomach during its devascularization" and was appointed by competition as an assistant of the Department of Surgery and Oncology.

Boris Konstantinovich was proficient in endoscopic and radiological methods for diagnosing cancer pathology, as well as surgical and chemohormonotherapy methods for treating patients with cancer. He performed more than 5,000 surgical operations on the organs of the chest and abdominal cavity, breast and thyroid glands, soft tissues, skin and musculoskeletal system for tumor neoplasms. Based on the results of the work, two monographs, more than 100 scientific articles and abstracts were written. He has repeatedly spoken at regional, interregional, all-Russian, all-union and international scientific forums. Boris Konstantinovich is the author of more than 10 original surgical and conservative methods of treatment of precancerous diseases and cancer of the stomach, breast and male genital area, five of which are protected by patents for inventions. For the invention, for example, of the operating microscope, which allowed to control the blood supply to the digestive system at the microcirculatory level during surgical operations, he was awarded the medals "Inventor of the Soviet Union", VDNH, as well as the medal "Memory of the 1000th anniversary of Kazan". He is an excellent worker of health care in the Soviet Union.


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