It is more appropriate to treat diatheses as an anomaly

29 October 2020, Thursday

Diathesis is a hereditary predisposition of the child's body to the occurrence of certain pathological reactions or diseases, usually manifested in childhood. Patimat Abdulkhalimova, a pediatrician at the Children's City Hospital with a Perinatal center, told about whether diathesis should be considered a disease and how to avoid it.

"Diathesis should, in no case, be regarded as a disease. More appropriately to interpret diatheses as an anomaly accompanied by an inadequate response of the body to the usual environmental influences. ⠀

Often, the occurrence of certain diseases during diathesis is observed only with an unfavorable combination of many factors:

🌾 an irrational daily routine of the child,⠀

🌾 errors in nutrition, ⠀

🌾 improper care,⠀

🌾 or frequent infectious diseases.

There are several types of diathesis:

° exudative-catarrhal (allergic),

° lymphatic-hypoplastic, ⠀

° and neuro-arthritic. ⠀ ⠀

Today we will discuss the first and most common type. ⠀

Allergic diathesis is accompanied by allergic reactions and reduced resistance to infections, increased vulnerability of the mucous membranes of the mouth, eyes, and upper respiratory tract. Often there is a considerable body weight at birth, age-inappropriate excess weight of a later development, and a decrease in tissue turgor. Children's eczema may occur. Diathesis is usually detected at the age of 3-6 months and lasts for 1-2 years. It disappears in most of the children with time. ⠀

Measures for treatment and prevention: ⠀

💡do not overfeed the child and feed according to age recommendations;

💡 keep the skin clean and dry, avoid the development of diaper rash.⠀

💡 prevent skin contact with identified allergens of certain detergents and fabrics;

💡 chlorinated water can also be an allergen; if it is not possible to avoid contact with such water, it is recommended to rinse the child's skin after washing in seasoned or boiled, chlorine-free water;

💡 observe the child's daily routine: sleep, walking, massage, gymnastics.

💡 It is essential to start the prevention of diathesis long before the baby is born. The expectant mother needs to eat rationally, especially if she tends to have allergies.

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