The Festival of Medicine "Ak khalatly fereshteler - Angels in White Coats" launches

21 January 2021, Thursday

For the ninth year in a row, Kazan State Medical University holds a large-scale career guidance event, The Festival of Medicine "Ak khalatly fereshteler - Angels in White Coats."

This event's experience in previous years has shown its relevance among the Kazan State Medical University applicants. Every year, the Festival hosted many exciting events attended by at least 3.5 thousand people.

The situation with Covid-19 has made its adjustments to the traditional forms of the Festival. Nevertheless, all the planned events, competitions, lectures, and workshops will allow the students to get the complete picture of their future specialty and realize that Kazan State Medical University is just the beginning of the path to a large medical community. The meeting place of the Festival guests is the website of the Kazan State Medical University. On this platform, an interesting program will start on January 25. All information is available on the university's website at the link

From January 18, a competition for the best question to the rector will be held, following which the results will be published on the university's website on February 7, and the winners will receive gifts. We are waiting for interesting questions by email

In honor of the Festival of Medicine's opening on January 25, the launch of the Challenge competition "Wonderful Doctor" will take place. Every day from January 25 to February 5, videos from students of the Kazan State Medical University will be published, encouraging students to read fiction about doctors and record response videos. Videos from students are accepted by email of the contest until February 5. The final video with all students and schoolchildren videos will be published on February 7. And, of course, all the participants of the challenge will receive gifts.

From January 25 to February 5, at 4 p.m., daily lectures " I want to know everything!" will be held live on the Kazan State Medical University channel on the YouTube website. Interesting popular science lectures from professors of the KSMU are waiting for you. Those who do not have time for the live broadcast will be able to watch the recording.


Also, from January 25, virtual tours of the KSMU museums will start for everyone. Anyone will be able to touch The Treasury of the KSMU Scientific Library and see the ancient folios that doctors were taught in the past centuries.


From January 25 to February 5, at any convenient time, everyone will be able to participate in Lessons from the Pros workshops on the KSMU website. The video format workshop lectures will be dedicated to the history of medicine, anatomy, pathological anatomy, microbiology, biochemistry, psychiatry, social work, and pharmacy. Also, the following masterclasses will be offered: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Surgical Nodes, Quality Control of Medicines.


On February 7, in the format of an online broadcast on the Zoom platform, the Department of Medical Psychology will hold a psychological game, "How do doctors make decisions?". As part of the game, students will pass career guidance testing and solve cases to develop medical thinking.


From January 25, the registration of teams for participation in the Medical Quiz "The Smartest Doctor" opens. The quiz consists of video tasks, broadcast online on February 7 on the website YouTube. According to the results of the game, the winners will be identified. They will receive gifts.


In the quiz program:


a block of questions on general erudition,


a block of questions on medical topics,


a block of tasks from the Medical Law Clinic project,


a task block from the Information Hygiene project,


riddles from the professors of the Kazan State Medical University.

The new interactive program of the Festival of Medicine, "Ak khalatly Fareshtalar - Angels in White Coats" will be interesting for schoolchildren, students, and their parents. We invite everyone to take part in the events of the Festival!

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