Physicians of the Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital of the Rehabilitation Department received unique equipment for rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy

29 October 2020, Thursday

The Galileo S25 vibration platform-technology is actively and with proven success used for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, for rapid recovery from injuries, development and improvement of coordination.

The principle of operation of this system is developed and patented by the German brand "Novatek" and it consists in the fact that the algorithm of actions is based on normal body movements during the walking. The movement of the vibration platform stimulates pelvic movements, only with a higher frequency than with a natural gait. To compensate for the impact of vibrations, the muscles begin to contract rhythmically, which eventually leads to a decrease in spasticity of muscle fibers, their active development and strengthening.

This vibration platform is available only in the Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital.

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