Today marks the World Stroke Prevention Day

29 October 2020, Thursday

In Nizhnekamsk CRMH, patients who have experienced a stroke get treatment at the Primary Vascular Center. The center has 60 beds, 12 of them are for intensive care patients.  Once in the PVC, patients are in the hands of professionals: neurologists, resuscitationists, therapists, doctors, ultrasound and functional diagnostics specialists. Eleven doctors are on staff. On average, 1,350-1,500 people per year are treated here.

Evgeny I. Chauzov, the head of the PVC of NCRMH: "Today, we once again draw attention to the fact that stroke is a terrible and common disease. It should be remembered that a timely visit to a doctor can save lives, and treatment non started on time can have an irreversible effect on human health. Stroke and its consequences take the first place among all possible causes of disability, primarily due to late diagnosis and delayed treatment measures. Therefore, it is essential to pay special attention to prevention and timely diagnosis. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!»

Rumiya R. Burnasheva, the PVC's neurologist: "Remember, after a stroke occurs, the patient needs to seek medical help within 4.5 hours. As soon as there is a neurological deficit, the most important thing is to promptly call an ambulance team. It is important to deliver the patient to us within the "therapeutic window," conduct a CT scan promptly - this is the gold standard of our examination, and prescribe further treatment."

Elena N. Ibragimova, also a neurologist at the PVC: "The patient's ability to live through a stroke depends on the presence of concomitant pathologies. Naturally, if a patient came to us with many chronic diseases (and very often patients have several diseases), then the prognosis of recovery is worsened. In the case of a stroke, rehabilitation activities are crucial in the patient's improvement. We actively involve patients in the process of rehabilitation and recovery. The percentage of recovery and timing in each case are individual."

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