Complicated case in the Neurology department of the Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital

20 November 2020, Friday

An evening in the family circle was darkened by a sharp rise in the child's temperature, who became sluggish and inactive. Parents called for an ambulance, which took the child to the hospital. After an in-depth examination, doctors diagnosed the child with meningoencephalitis.

For some time, the child was observed by doctors assigned to the residence place and was undergoing rehabilitation courses. At the time of referral to a neurologist Kseniya Yagunova, the child had weak motor activity and major speech development problems.  At 4.5 years of age, the child did not talk independently. There were only four words in his active vocabulary: 'mother', 'father', 'give' and 'drink'.

It should be noted that the child received subsequent treatment at the Consultative Polyclinic #2 of the CRCH, where a specialist developed the specialized treatment program. In addition to classes with speech therapists, there were also physical procedures, classes on developing general motor skills, mechanotherapy on simulators, and reflex stimulation to activate the vocal apparatus.

As a result of a comprehensive treatment approach, the child significantly increased motor activity and expanded the active vocabulary. If the patient spoke 3-4 words before the treatment, then after the therapy, the child was able to construct simple sentences.

When speaking about preventing such cases, it is worth mentioning the topic of colds prevention measures, such as: cold hardening, contrast shower, walks in the fresh air, a variety of motor activity (swimming pool, gymnastics), and vitamin therapy.

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