Mother's Day was celebrated in Chistopol maternity hospital

30 November 2020, Monday

On the eve of Mother's Day, a solemn event was held in the Chistopol maternity hospital of State Autonomous Healthcare Institution of the Chistopol Central District Hospital. Festive greetings were received by young mothers. Warm words of congratulations, gifts, a colorfully decorated hall, interviews with the press and numerous photos — this is just a list of gifts prepared by specialists and guests of the institution.

According to great tradition to congratulate happy mothers on childbirth and the upcoming wonderful feast came the deputy head of Executive Committee of Chistopol Municipal District on Social Issues Galina Zadvornova, chief physician of State Autonomous Healthcare Institution "Chistopol Central District Hospital" Rais Mustafin, deputy chief physician on the pediatric care Natalia Tolkina, the chief of the Civil Status Registration Department of the Executive Committee of Chistopol municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan Dinara Zalyalova. - The birth of our babies is the most wonderful feast, the most significant event in the life of every family. First of all, it is important that those babies that are lying next to you now are your selflessly loved ones. Children so subtly feel the love of their mother, her every gentle touch and every word. Every moment is unforgettable: the first steps, the first words. Most importantly, I want to wish the children to be healthy and happy. The health of mothers and tiny babies is in our hands. Mother's love works miracles. We are the closest and dearest to them from the very first moment when we hold them to our chest and say: "I love you!", - said Galina Zadvornova. Galina Yurievna expressed special words of gratitude to the entire medical personnel of the maternity hospital of the Chistopol Central District Hospital for their selfless and conscientious work. Addressing the mothers with words of congratulations and wishes, the chief physician of the Central District Hospital Rais Robertovich thanked them for choosing a medical organization and expressed confidence that the medical personnel of the Chistopol maternity hospital is making every effort to ensure a high level of medical care for women and newborns.

- Dear mothers, happy holiday to you! The birth of a child is the apotheosis of female nature and the greatest miracle on earth. I want to wish you good health and happiness. You will quickly forget sleepless nights, and spending every moment with your baby, experiencing the stages of growing up together is a great joy and value. My special wish is that you have strong families. We are waiting for you again in the walls of our maternity hospital, - Rais Robertovich wished to the mothers. He also expressed his gratitude to the entire medical personnel of the maternity hospital: "You did a great job. Over the past four years, many positive changes and transformations have been made, and there is a tendency of constant professional growth. The maternity hospital has repeatedly become the winner of prestigious competitions. This year we became the owners of the high title "Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tatarstan". I wish you further success." A touching poem dedicated to all mothers was read by Natalia Tolkina, deputy chief physician on the pediatric care.

In a solemn atmosphere, young mothers were congratulated not only with the warmest words and wishes, but also with numerous gifts. Head of the Department of Civil Status Registration Office Dinara Zalyalova handed mothers the most important document of children, which is affectionately called the chronicle of the newborn and the most important document - a birth certificate, and children's gift sets.

As part of the "Gift to a Newborn" program, the Chubakov family was presented with a gift set of children's accessories. Young mother Alina Akhatovna thanked the government for the tangible support, as well as all medical workers for their sensitive and attentive attitude.

Starting from January 1, 2020, families with newborn children whose income does not exceed the subsistence level will receive free gift sets of children's accessories as part of the campaign. From the maternity hospital, wonderful gifts were also prepared for mothers - photo frames with a personal brand name. Accepting congratulations and memorable gifts, happy mothers thanked the management of the Chistopol Central District Hospital and the entire medical personnel of the maternity hospital for their invaluable contribution to the health of each child, friendly attitude, care and professionalism. The newly-made mothers expressed their gratitude to the guests of honor, who warmly congratulated their families on the childbirth. After the end of the official part, we were allowed to visit the "Mother and Child" ward and talk with the young mother Anastasia Karmanaeva.

- I feel well, a wonderful doctor Mikhail Yuryevich delivered the baby. The maternity ward provides comfortable conditions for every woman. All employees of the maternity hospital are real professionals who are wholeheartedly immersed in their work and consider it the most important thing in their life,- young mother Anastasia shared her opinion. – Our daughter is the first and most long-awaited. My husband and I chose a beautiful name for her – Aurora, which means "Sunrise". It is worth saying that the beautiful baby Aurora was born at sunrise. Parents consider this as a good sign. Anastasia, smiling and looking at her treasure, added: "A woman gives life to a child, and every mother deserves respect and recognition. All the wonders in the world begin with a mother’s smile, and continue in the happy smile of her children! Happy holiday to our beloved, dear, gentle, bright, kind, forgiving Mothers!

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