Vaccination against coronavirus infection in clinics of Nizhnekamsk

20 January 2021, Wednesday

Everyone can be vaccinated, starting from the age of 18.

In the polyclinic #1 of the Nizhnekamsk CRMH, 20 signed up people were invited on the first day. Pensioner Ilgiz Tezeyev came to get vaccinated together with his wife.

"Someone has to be first!" Ilgiz Gabdrakhimovich says wi; Ia smile. -"We had a lot of these vaccinations during our lives, I don't see anything terrible in the vaccination against coronavirus. Our scientists invented the vaccine, and it was made for us not to get sick. As soon as we learned that vaccination was starting in our clinic, my wife and I immediately called our nurse and were among the first to sign up for vaccination. We were spared from the disease, but the eldest son could not avoid it in Kazan. His whole family was seriously ill. With the vaccination, the situation should improve, and it will be possible to visit relatives."

Before sending a person to the vaccination office, the doctor conducts a thorough interview and examination of the patient, measures the temperature and pressure.

"The patients invited today are undergoing the first stage of vaccination, because there are those among them who we did not allow to be vaccinated," says the doctor, district therapist Yevgenia Fadeeva, "For example, if a person has cancer in the acute stage. Also, patients who have recently suffered a stroke or heart attack are not allowed."

Contraindications to vaccination are also pregnancy and breastfeeding, acute infectious and non-infectious diseases, chronic diseases in the acute stage. After recovery or remission, one can be vaccinated in 2-4 weeks.

One can register for vaccination from 8 to 16 hours on weekdays in polyclinics at the MHI policy registration.

You can also sign up now on the portal of State Services of the Russian Federation. There is a special link "Vaccination against COVID-19".

Today, 575 people are waiting for their turn for vaccination. In Nizhnekamsk, 346 people passed the first vaccination stage, and 145 people went through the second.

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