Spring donation campaign was held in Kazan

4 March 2021, Thursday

Today in the Republican Blood Center together with the Project "Dobraya Kazan" (Kind Kazan) with the support of the project DonorSearch.org the spring donation campaign was held.

Donation is a noble, important and affordable way to do something very meaningful in life!

As a result, more than 200 people responded to the campaign, 187 people were able to become donors, and the blood bank was replenished with 84 liters. 150 ml.

Strela rugby players Nikita Sayutin, Damir Bayburin, and Ramil Yusupov joined the donor movement.

Such events are held regularly in Kazan, but the guys became participants of the campaign for the first time: the athletes talked with donors and the personnel of the medical institution.

Damir Bayburin, Strela defender:

- We were happy to take part in the donation campaign: this is very important, because everyone can become a donor and save someone's life. To be honest, I was surprised to see so many people in the Republican Blood Center – I am glad that we have a lot of people who are not indifferent.

Nikita Sayutin, Strela striker»:

− I gave blood as a donor for the first time in my life – I hope this will help someone to overcome the disease and become stronger. I think we need to regularly participate in such campaigns: the more people donate blood, the more lives will be saved.

A huge thank you to all who responded and came to the campaign.

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