Knee arthroscopy was mastered at the Central Clinical Hospital #18 in Kazan

4 March 2021, Thursday

Based on the Central City Clinical Hospital #18 of Kazan, a new type of surgical intervention, arthroscopy of the knee joint, began to be performed. Today, the first operation took place here: a 25-year-old woman was operated on by an orthopedic surgeon of the Outpatient Traumatology Center Ildar Vagapov.

The patient experienced severe pain in the knee when walking for a year after the injury. Conservative treatment in the form of blocking did not help her anymore. After an examination at the Outpatient Trauma Center, a decision to operate was made.

After two small punctures of 6-7 mm in size in the knee joint, the surgeon sutured the torn lateral meniscus. The operation was performed under spinal anesthesia and took about 2 hours. The procedure went without complications. The patient will be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.

It should be noted that the introduction of new operations on the knee joint became possible after the opening of a modern Center for Outpatient Traumatology based on the 18th City Hospital. The Center launched on December 31, 2020.

The operating team included Arsen Kurbangaleev, head of the Endosurgical Center, Ildar Vagapov, an orthopedic trauma surgeon at the Center for Outpatient Traumatology, Anatoly Pronin, an anesthesiologist and resuscitator, and Dinara Mustafina, an operating nurse.

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