"A happy child is a healthy child who is always supported and accepted by parents»

15 September 2020, Tuesday

Doctor  Gamidov came to Nizhnekamsk from Azerbaijan. For three and a half years, he worked as a district pediatrician in the polyclinic #2 of the Nizhnekamsk Children's City Hospital with the Perinatal Center. Now he serves as the head of the emergency room.

"I found out about Nizhnekamsk by accident," the doctor told us. “A friend who lives in Perm advised me to move to Russia because Azerbaijan has its difficulties. I came to Perm, completed an internship. After finishing my studies, hospital employees from different regions came to us intending to attract new physicians to their regions. There were representatives of the Nizhnekamsk Children's Hospital among them. I considered two offers, and in the end, I chose Nizhnekamsk. I liked that young professionals get an apartment under the "Rental Housing" program. It is a very good support for doctors.

I didn't know anyone here at all. The first month was tough, lonely. I can't describe it in words. Our team is amicable, and if you needed advice or help, our colleagues always responded. I would like to thank them for their help. I appreciate the support of the chief doctor Ramil Azgatovich Khamidullin and assistant chief doctor Nail Kamilevich Fayzrakhmanov.

Some parents from the district still write and call to consult. I try to explain everything gently to other mothers who read different sites and groups in social networks and already come with a ready diagnosis. I always explain the situation to my parents based on tests and clinics. If the child has a serious condition, I send them to a hospital or specialist as soon as possible. One toddler had Crohn's disease, which led to severe anemia. The mother did not want to go to the hospital since the child felt normal, ran, and played as usual. Only after a phone call from the department head, the mother agreed, and the child was hospitalized promptly. They immediately took him to the intensive care unit and gave him a blood transfusion.

Now the season of colds begins, some mothers immediately start to give medicines to the child as soon as the nose starts running. Someone asks to prescribe drugs that raise the immune system, but there are no such drugs. The baby's immune system is already working well; it just needs help: food, water treatments, fresh air, and hygiene. If all of those are provided, the child will suffer a cold in a mild form and will be able to recover without medication. I do not like to prescribe a lot of drugs. With an ordinary cold, I recommend drinking plenty of water, washing the nose, and treating the throat so that the body learns to fight itself. But if the child has become weak, the temperature has risen, a cough has appeared, and the appetite has disappeared, you need to call a pediatrician and do not self-medicate.

Many children also suffer from gastrointestinal diseases; most often, gastroduodenitis occurs because of fast food, sodas, and stress. I was a child myself, so I understand children perfectly, but still parents need to teach them to eat regular homemade food."

Now, many parents allow their children to play on their phones and computers, so that their mother and father do not touch them, do not ask questions. It is not normal. But hyper protection is also not good – the child must run and jump on the street to develop immunity. First of all, a happy child is a healthy child who is always supported and accepted by parents."

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