Autumn donation event was held in Kazan

15 September 2020, Tuesday

The Republican blood center together with the project "Kind Kazan"with the support of the Association "Non-commercial partnership for the development of donation "Donor-Search" held a charity event "Autumn donor event" today. A souvenir was prepared for each donor, and those who donated blood for the first time received a certificate of joining the ranks of donors.

Athletes and politicians were attended at the event. Deputy of the Kazan City Duma Eugene Chekashov and his team responded and took part in the donation event. It is very important and pleasant when people who overcome all their doubts and fears still come to help patients in need. Each donor saves the lives of numerous individuals.

154 people have responded to the donation event. As a result of the event, the blood bank was replenished by 69 liters. 300 ml.

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