Vaccination campaign is ongoing in Nizhnekamsk

27 October 2020, Tuesday

Elena Piskareva, Deputy Chief Physician for epidemiological issues of the Nizhnekamsk Central District Multifunctional Hospital, told reporters about the course of the vaccination campaign.

At the moment, more than 56,000 people, including adults and children, have been vaccinated in Nizhnekamsk. On Friday, the city has received 24,000 doses of vaccine. Physicians have begun vaccination of the adult population today. According to the Chief Epidemiologist, this is not the last batch. The next batch of the vaccine is expected to arrive in the city soon.

"At the moment, we are finally continuing the vaccination campaign that we started very actively. Thank to our citizens, they are conscious in this matter. Let me remind you that you can get vaccinated in vaccination rooms. You need to go to your local therapist without an appointment. It is also planned to send vaccination teams to shopping centers in the near future, but on the condition that during the vaccination campaign the population will observe a social distance. Also, please do not forget about masks, you need to have a passport and a policy. The schedule of departure of vaccination teams to the city's shopping centers will be published on our official website. Do not forget that vaccination is the only way to protect yourself from the flu and, most importantly, from its complications". Elena Piskareva reminded.

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