"When a child leaves the hospital healthy is a team effort"

29 October 2020, Thursday

These physicians have the right to interpret the dark and light spots on the monitor, whether it came on the ultrasound an adult patient with a kidney stone, or a tiny baby, whose mother brought to the clinic for medical examination, or the woman who complains of abdominal pain and is not yet aware of her pregnancy.

Today is the World Day of Ultrasound Diagnostics Physician. This examination remains the most popular, reliable and affordable diagnostic method. 20 specialists work in hospitals and clinics of the Nizhnekamsk Central District Multifunctional Hospital, Children’s City Hospital, Perinatal Center and CPDH, and their medical reports help physicians of many specialties in the correct diagnosis and prescribing the correct treatment.

On the eve of the professional holiday, we talked with the physician of ultrasound diagnostics of Nizhnekamsk Children’s City Hospital and Perinatal Center Leysan Sitdikova - about the love for patients, diagnostics and the main task of each physician.

"Although the family did not have a single doctor, I knew from childhood that I would work in medicine and did not imagine myself in another profession. Children's doctors differ from adult’s doctors in that we are more gentle, patient, and compassionate. I started as a pediatrician in the Pulmonology Department, and by chance I got into ultrasound diagnostics. I don't regret it at all. Of course, like any other sphere, we have our disadvantages. For 16 years of work, I noticed how the attitude to doctors has changed not for the better – disrespect treatment as a service staff. But when a smiling baby comes into the office, everything is forgotten".

"Ultrasound diagnostics is reliable for both the patient and us, it has no contraindications, it is cost-effective, and during screening examinations a large flow of patients passes in a short period of time.  All changes are detected in real time – thanks to this, ultrasound has a high diagnostic effect. Of course, we do not treat patients, but there is no place in medicine without us, because only after our examination a specialist can prescribe further treatment tactics. We work with our colleagues as a single organism, so when a child leaves the hospital healthy – it is a team effort".

"Yes, sometimes there are difficulties in diagnosis. The result of an ultrasound examination depends on the device, the doctor's experience, and the patient – the child may not turn properly or access may be difficult, for example, after surgery or injury.

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