Clinic of the Medical University summed up the results of the operation in 2020

4 March 2021, Thursday

The meeting dedicated to the results of the operation in 2020 and the upcoming tasks for 2021 was traditionally held in the Conference Hall of the Kazan State Medical University.

The Medical Council was attended by the deputy head of the Kazan Health Department, G. M. Khuzieva, deputy head of the Kazan Health Department, R. R. Mukhamatdinov, and the Vice-rector of the Kazan State Medical University, A.V. Shulaev.

The report on the results of the activities of the Clinic of the Medical University was presented by the chief physician Ilnur Khasanovich Sharafutdinov.

In 2020, the emergence of a new coronavirus infection significantly changed the situation. From the establishment of the threat of the spread of a new infection until today, we are working in a new reality. Conditions and opportunities have changed, and everything has changed.


With the addition of complementary territories for the provision of medical care, in connection with the re-profiling of a number of institutions under covid-19 hospitals, the load has sharply increased not only in terms of volume, but also in all these groups, and there has been a tendency to increase the admission of severe forms.

Late hospitalization is one of the reasons for this condition. The number of emergency patients transferred later than 24 hours after the onset of the disease almost doubled from 26% to 45%.

During the year, 141,618 outpatient visits were provided, including 38,126 visits related to the disease. At the same time, the number of home visits increased by 1.7 times, of which active visits in general increased by 3 times.

The first contact with the new coronavirus infection took place in February 2020.

A team of medical workers of the City Polyclinic met passengers at the Kazan International Airport, and organized the collection of smears at the end of January. A total of 8,925 samples were collected for analysis during the year.

1442 people were included in the federal register of the City Polyclinic of State Autonomous Healthcare Institution Clinic of the Medical University. During the period from February to December 2020, 1,442 patients with COVID and 7,673 people with Acute Respiratory Viral Infection were registered.

A public vaccination program against the new coronavirus infection was also launched in December 2020. At the end of the year, 45 people were covered by primary vaccination.

The work was continued during the New Year holidays. 2 vaccination points were organized. A mobile vaccination team was also organized. As of today, 1,534 people have been vaccinated with the first component, and 566 people have been vaccinated with the second component. We still have a lot of work to do to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Ilnur Khasanovich Sharafutdinov thanked his colleagues and the medical personnel of the hospital for their work, wishing them health, well-being, new creative beginnings and success!

The final speech was made by the deputy head of the Health Department of Kazan, G. M. Khuzieva, who positively assessed the work of the hospital, thanked her colleagues, presented Certificates of Honor and Commendation of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

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